Grafiti - Cloud delivered Mathematical and Graphing Application
Grafiti empowers both students and educators to effortlessly learn, explore and teach graphical analysis. Its intuitive interface, guided approach, and comprehensive sample data make it an invaluable resource for visualizing, analyzing and interpreting data.
Grafiti is a Cloud Delivered Platform Independent Software

ARAI, Grafiti’s generative AI assistant assists the user to


Through its guided approach, Grafiti empowers students to independently navigate the process of graph creation and data exploration.


Grafiti serves as a valuable tool to enhance lesson plans and engage students in the learning process. Its user-friendly interface allows teachers to effortlessly demonstrate complex concepts and facilitate discussions, fostering a collaborative learning environment.


IT Departments

Grafiti’s no install approach eliminates onerous installation tasks and security leaks. Its single sign on capabilities allows IT departments to onboard and offboard users with the click of a button.

How Grafiti Works

Importing and Visualizing Data

Grafiti allows students to import data for visualizing, editing and sharing with others in real-time.

Focus on academic performance

Grafiti boosts academic performance by encouraging students to work together and learn from each other.

Benefits for Students

Enhanced Understanding of Data Concepts

Grafiti empowers students to understand complex data concepts through interactive and visual tools.

Enhanced Creativity in Graph Creation

Grafiti's flexibility and customization options allow students to be creative in graph building.

Collaboration and Sharing Capabilities

Grafiti enables students to collaborate and share data, leading to increased teamwork and intellectual growth.

Increased Academic Performance

Grafiti's innovative data visualization tools are designed to enhance students' academic performance by giving them a better and deeper understanding of the data.

Grafiti LLC

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