Shoom Digital Solutions are the industry’s most comprehensive digital suite, offering digital tearsheets with optional invoice integration, digital ad delivery, and an e-edition designed for reader engagement.


Shoom’s electronic tearsheets are the gold standard by which all other proof-of-publication products and services are judged. With a click of a button, advertisers view their tearsheets, create ad archives, and access competitive research. Publications in turn have access to extensive advertising analytics and spec ads from papers across the country.

Instant Access and Visibility

Immediate access to electronic proofs of publication anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Advertiser Tools

Tools for advertisers to effortlessly create archives and conduct competitive analyses.

Data-Driven Insights

Comprehensive advertising analytics to help publishers optimize their ad strategies.


Invoicing has never been easier, faster, more accurate or secure! eInvoice integrates seamlessly with Shoom eTearsheets to provide publishers and advertisers with an organized billing and verification service with a touch of tablet or the click of a mouse.


Streamlined Billing Process

Simplified invoicing system that reduces errors and speeds up the billing cycle.


Integrated Platform

Fully integrated with eTearsheets for streamlined operations and data consistency.


Secure and Reliable

Ensures the security and integrity of financial data with cutting-edge technology.

Additional Services

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Reducing paper waste and promoting a greener environment with digital-only solutions.

Customizable Options

Tailor-made features that adapt to the unique needs of publishers and advertisers.

Support and Training

Comprehensive support and training sessions to ensure smooth integration and usage.

Advanced Reporting Features

Detailed reports and analytics to guide decision-making and improve publication performance.

Customer Testimonial

Our customers include some of the biggest names in newspapers, advertising and retail. Check out what they have to say about Shoom Digital Solutions.

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