SigmaPlot Add-on Modules

SigmaPlot Add-on Modules

SigmaPlot comes with option add-on modules to extend the functionality

Enzyme Kinetics Module

SigmaPlot’s Enzyme Kinetics module is now integrated into SigmaPlot, providing additional enzyme kinetics analysis features and additional graph types (Lineweaver-Burk, Eadie-Hofstee, Scatchard, etc.)

Use SigmaPlot’s Enzyme Kinetics Module to analyze and graph enzyme kinetics data quickly and easily. Import or enter your data using the Data Entry Wizard, select the type of study and the Enzyme Kinetics Wizard does the rest. You’ll get a detailed report of each model you fit and a comparison of the different models to identify the best one for your data, plus interactive graphs that allow you to clearly display your results.

The Exploratory EK macro is designed to work in conjunction with the Enzyme Kinetics Module or with data entered into a SigmaPlot worksheet. This macro is located in the Toolbox tab, Macros window.

Electrophysiology Module

Directly Read Your Electrophysiology Data into SigmaPlot

The Electrophysiology Module is an add-on to SigmaPlot that allows you to directly import your acquired data into SigmaPlot without the need for an additional data acquisition program. The module saves you the time and effort of manually entering data into SigmaPlot so you can start your analysis and graphing right away. Use the easy point-and-click interface to import your data from commonly used file formats including Axon Instruments ABF files, Bruxton Corporation’s Acquire format and HEKA electronik’s Pulse format. The file formats appear as a convenient drop down list in SigmaPlot.

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