SigmaPlot on MAC

SigmaPlot on MAC

Running SigmaPlot on Mac OS

You can install and run SigmaPlot on Macs by using virtualization software such as Parallels® Desktop for Mac. SigmaPlot can also run seamlessly on VMWare® Fusion which is very similar to Parallels® and also requires a fully licensed version of Windows to run SigmaPlot.

Virtualization software allows you to run SigmaPlot as an application on your Mac desktop without a reboot of the Mac OS or having to reboot into Windows.

The Parallels® Desktop for Mac is hardware emulation virtualization software that enables users to run Windows simultaneously with Mac OS X on their Intel based Macs. Each Parallels® virtual machine functions like a real computer with its own processor and dedicated RAM.

Once Parallels® is installed, the provided wizard walks the user through installing Windows into a virtual machine. It is very straight forward and doesn’t require much technical expertise.

When the virtual machine is finished, you can either launch the new virtual machine in a separate window or use it in the coherence view mode. In coherence view mode, you can use both your Windows and Mac applications at the same time, without managing two separate desktops or rebooting.

Once the user has created and launched the virtual machine, SigmaPlot can be installed just like on any PC.

System Requirements

Steps to install SigmaPlot on a Mac OS:

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