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Researchers in social, behavioral and biological fields often find themselves trying to squeeze a significant test result out of a small sample size. Using standard statistical tests based upon asymptotic methods on small data sets can create misleading results.

SYSTAT has partnered with Cytel Inc. pioneers in exact statistics research and software development to bring you a new level of testing functionality: SYSTAT Exact Tests.

SYSTAT Exact tests gives researchers an alternative to the standard p-value inference method. When data sets are sparse or imbalanced, it makes them much harder to model. An inference based on a simple p-value may not suffice. All these analytical hurdles can be easily tackled by Cytel’s “Exact Inference” methodology, which involves only simple assumptions about the data source and data behavior.

Consumers now have more options to suit their needs: purchase SYSTAT 13 on its own, and receive the comprehensiveness and support youve come to rely on, or purchase our new product, SYSTAT 13 with Exact Tests, and add Cytels unique exact-inference capability to an already-powerful statistics package.

EXACT TESTS offers a wide variety of test options:

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