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Curve Fitting

Save Weeks of Tedious Data Analysis Chores

Many researchers spend hours and even weeks to discover the ideal model that describes their data. This is because they use tools that require trial and error curve fitting. TableCurve 2D is the first and only program that completely eliminates endless trial and error by automating the curve fitting process.

TableCurve 2D’s powerful curve fitter automatically fits 3,665 built-in equations from all disciplines to find the one that provides the ideal fit – instantly! What could once take days of tedious work now takes minutes, with much more powerful results.

Solve Complex Science and Engineering Problems Faster

Powerful and Yet Easy To Use

Once the fit is complete, TableCurve 2D presents you with a statistically ranked list of candidate equations. You are given all the information you need to choose the equation that best meets your requirements for the ideal fit. Once you have selected your best fit equation, output high – quality function code, or generate professional reports with publication – quality graphs. No other fitting program offers this much versatility and power, and with unbelievable ease. Users consistently comment that “out of the box, without reading the instructions” TableCurve 2D is highly intuitive, easy to use, and remarkably simple to learn.

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