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Quite often, substantial cost savings can be realized by optimizing process control parameters. Since TableCurve 3D automatically reports the XYZ locations for the surface’s minimum and maximum, process optimization is often a simple matter of using a single number within a TableCurve 3D report.

TableCurve is an excellent tool for examining response surfaces from designed experiments.

Create Black Box Models

At times, engineers and scientists may be faced with a highly complex process, such as human biochemistry, where underlying models are poorly defined. For such instances, TableCurve 3D can provide important insights into the subtle mechanisms in play. A successful model may suggest further experiments in synergistic pharmaco-kinetics, high energy physics or reaction chemistry.

Generate Calibration Curves

TableCurve 3D excels for those applications in the field of calibration science where an additional variable, such as temperature, influences the calibration. Whether you need to calibrate a sensor, a flow meter, wind tunnel measurements or satellite instrumentation signals, TableCurve 3D can furnish the ideal approximating function.

Produce Equations for Complex Modeling or Monte-Carlo Simulations

TableCurve 3D can be used to convert empirical data from hundreds of sources into simplified surface equations. These equations can then be input into complex models or Monte-Carlo simulations to simulate the effects of hundreds or even thousands of variables upon a given model.

Fit Tabulated Data

Frequently, scientists and engineers need to convert tables of data found in handbooks or journal publications into a simple equation, often for use in software or microcode. TableCurve 3D is capable of producing equations which preserve all or most of the accuracy present within the tabulated data. TableCurve 3D even furnishes a Precision Summary for instrument designers who must use fixed point math in their microprocessors.

Interpolate Data

There is no simpler, faster or more automated way to interpolate surface data than TableCurve 3D. Data tables or individual points are effortlessly generated for even the most demanding data sets.

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