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Sigmaplot v15.1 Updates

Sigmaplot v15.1 Patch 1 Release Notes

  • Fixed Wrong License Manager error
  • The about screen was updated to include the proper dates and tools
  • Added new functionality to For Loops in the transform language. The old behavior was non standard, but the user can change back to it with an ini file change.
  • Help topic and button was added for the Heat Map macro.
  • Modified the Help entry for the Ribbon Configuration menus as we moved them to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Added the Statistics Graphs to the Create Graph ribbon tab and added Help for this.
  • Add help for the new feature for SPW 15 of being able to save result graph data with reports.
  • Improved the User’s Guide (pdf)
  • Modified the SigmaPlot Macro Sample File which added a button for the Parametric and Polar Plot Equation macro into the Macro tab on the ribbon.
  • Added several improvements for graph export:
    • Added dithering to 256 Color and grayscale images to make the color transition across the bitmap smoother.
    • Added CMYK TIFF files for 24-bit color.
    • Improved the basis for the available memory warning when exporting bitmaps to depend on actual memory currently used be application.
    • Significantly Improved the speed of updating the preview control when changing color depth.
  • Added a proper icon for the Column Means statistics graph
  • Improved the splash screen to use the proper year
  • Fixed a crash opening older files
  • Fixed a crash with saving report graph data with the notebook

Sigmaplot v14.0

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